SQLite and Valentina Developer Network: Deploy OEM’d Valentina Servers Royalty Free

Valentina Developer Network and SQLite
Valentina Developer Network (“VDN”) lets you deploy Valentina Reports & Database Server royalty free to your customers. What does the recent SQLite engine addition mean for VDN developers?

VDN is one of Paradigma Software’s most exciting products for developers who create server only and client-server solutions. In brief, here is a bullet list of features of VDN:

  1. Deploy Valentina Server (feature identical to our full commercial Valentina Server) to your customers with your solution
  2. Valentina Server deployment includes all three operating system platforms: Mac OS X, Windows and Linux
  3. No royalties, no additional costs for the base version*
  4. If your customer needs more connections than the base allows, you can upgrade them to a higher connection version at a dramatically discounted price over buying standalone copies of Valentina Server
  5. Valentina Server incorporates both Database Server AND Reports Server (Reports Server works with most major database servers including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MariaDB, Valentina DB (ie itself) and soon, Oracle
  6. You can use any VCLIENT at no cost* (the communication portion of Valentina DB ADK) to connect to Valentina Server – that’s most development environments on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux (and there’s also an iOS client too!)
  7. You can build web apps around Valentina Server with web development solutions, PHP, Ruby on Rails
  8. You get 12 months of updates with your license or any renewal of your license
  9. You can continue to deploy VDN’s OEM Server AFTER your 12 months; if you don’t renew, you just don’t get access to the latest version

The base version of Valentina Server includes 5 unnamed connections (and a secret 6th connection for admins), which is more than enough to handle a small to medium sized office.  The VCLIENT support is huge – .net, C++, Objective-C / Cocoa, LiveCode, Xojo, Director, Java, C, COM – we got you covered.

Because you do not need to keep a connection open at all times, five unnamed connections can easily serve a work  group of 25-50 users without much trouble; it all depends on your coding.

Now for the interesting part in regards to SQLite support.

As we mentioned last week, the number of connections supported for SQLite are greater than the number of connections for Valentina DB. The base version of Valentina Server then includes 10 unnamed connections; factor that into the group size you can serve, as compared with the 5 connections of Valentina DB.

Registering a new SQLite database to a server is extremely easy; just move the SQLite database to the directory on the server for SQLite databases. You can have SQLite on the client side and SQLite on the server in minutes.

Programmatically, you do not need a SQLite DB ADK from us if you already have a tool that has that support built in. If you are using SQLite in your local application, you can use the VCLIENT to interact with Valentina Server remotely.

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