Valentina 5.7.5 Released: Updates for Kernel, Server and Examples

Valentina 5.7.5
Paradigma Software announces Valentina 5.7.5 updates are released, with improvements for the Valentina Kernel, Valentina Server and improved examples for Valentina ADK for Xojo.
This update includes improvements that span the Valentina product line.

Software improvements and fixes are specific to the Valentina Kernel for index records, and working with binary links in RAM based databases.

Based on customer feedback on the examples for Valentina ADK for Xojo, several example projects were improved for compatibility with recent versions of Xojo.

These updates are free to anyone who purchased associated Valentina products within the last 12 months, including anyone who purchased Omegabundle for Xojo 2014, a high value bundle of software components for Xojo development – over $3800 in components for only $399.

See the release notes on the Paradigma Software wiki for details.

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