Valentina 6: First Look, Betas Available

Valentina 6 First Look
What’s coming in Valentina 6, especially Valentina Studio Pro 6? Here is a first look, with beta 2.The Valentina team at Paradigma Software is happy to make available the first beta of Valentina 6. This has been a long time coming.

Download Valentina 6 beta 2 Products

All Valentina Reports, ADKs, Valentina DB ADKs, Valentina Server, Valentina Studio and VDN (OEM’d deployment of Valentina Server) will gain new enhancements as Valentina 6 evolves. Some improvements are product specific, while others will inherit new features by way of Valentina kernel enhancements.

Today, lets talk about two improvements –

Valentina Studio 6 & Valentina Studio Pro 6

Valentina Studio is our free database administration and management tool for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Valentina Studio Pro adds in many enhancements for database management, as well as Reports Designer and advanced visual tools for data modeling and forward engineering.

Valentina Studio 6 development began over two years ago, because of a massive port over to a new framework. We are replacing our old framework with Qt. Our old framework was not allowing us to ship a 64 bit version of Studio on Windows, for example (note – 64 bit version of VS 6 for Windows is coming, but not currently downloadable).  Nice, native widgets were also a problem. It is so much better with Qt. Valentina Studio will not only be better adapted to existing platforms, it also opens the door to additional platforms.

We also have a new development below regarding SQLite!

SQLite Support in Valentina Server 6

SQLite support has already been added to Valentina Server 6 beta.

What this means initially is that you will be able to drag your local SQLite database into the appropriate directory with Valentina Server 6 and you’ll have access to network server features – immediately. Porting SQLite local applications to client-server or server only applications just got a lot easier. You will be able to use Valentina Server to serve SQLite databases, and also use them in concert with the Reports Server part of Valentina Server. You can still serve Valentina Database databases as well of course.

Documentation for SQLite support is also coming with Valentina 6 – it is in process.

Also available right now is a new SQLite client plugin in Valentina Studio 6 to administer SQLite on Valentina Server.

If you purchased any of these products within the last 12 months, your update subscription is active, so you can begin to use Valentina 6 b2 right away.


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