Valentina 6.1: Best Database & Reports Solutions for Xojo Development

Valentina 6.1 and XOJO DevelopmentHow Valentina Release 6.1 with SQLite Server and 64 bit database and business reporting completes Xojo as a platform.

When Paradigma Software released Valentina 6 products, we were proud of all the new features across the board for Valentina Studio and Valentina Server; when 6.1 came out, we delivered the best solutions for developers who use Xojo Inc’s Xojo development environment to build cross platform applications.

SQLite Server for Xojo Projects

Valentina DB ADK for Xojo is one of the longest supported third party solutions for Xojo development, and delivers an ultra-fast, object-relational columnar database engine.  But many Xojo developers like SQLite – primarily because Xojo itself uses its own bundled version of SQLite.  The problem with SQLite is that it is meant for local databases only, but we’ve solved that for you.

Valentina Server, our powerful database and reports server on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X now has a fully implemented SQLite Database Server, making it easy to scale up your local Xojo database applications to a full client-server implementation with support for notifications, SSL, REST API and more.

Valentina SQLite Server can also generate reports from the on-board SQLite Database Server, too.

Valentina SQLite Server is available as a standalone product and also as a deployable server you can deploy with your solutions, royalty free with Valentina Developer Network.

64 Bit Support for Xojo Development

Valentina Release 6.1 also includes Valentina DB ADK for Xojo and Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo with 64 bit support, so you can build completely 64 bit applications and deploy database applications and reports applications royalty free. This release also resolved some niggles, such as updating for the latest naming convention for Xojo plugins and utilizing the Xojo .zip format instead of .rbx.

We also delivered Valentina Studio 64 bit version for Windows. The MacOS X and Linux 64 bit versions of our free Valentina Studio database admin tool and Valentina Studio Pro database and reports management tool have been around for quite some time.