Paradigma Software Releases Valentina 6.2

Valentina Release 6.2Release 6.2 brings new features to Valentina Studio, Valentina Server, Valentina DB and the C ADK.

This newly available release of Paradigma Software’s Valentina product line includes several improvements across several products.

If you purchased within 12 months of this release, this release is a free update to your product. You can download these products immediately from the Paradigma Software website.

Valentina Studio 6.2

  • New Create Database Dump Dialog Search Option. In Valentina Studio Pro it is possible to search for different criteria for a database dump. Export formats include: Excel, JSON, HTML, SQL and XML
  • Database Dump for PostgreSQL Options. PostgreSQL has the additional export support of Custom, Directory and TAR in Valentina Studio
  • Schema Editor supports Notification Channels for Valentina DB & PostgreSQL
  • Schema Editor now supports changing the fields of a sort order
  • Events can now be viewed on Valentina Server by Connection
  • Event Editor now has a Calendar pop up menu for scheduling events
  • Error Look Up Dialog for Valentina DB and MS SQL Server
  • Data Editor does not immediately write new rows, so sequence based fields are handled correctly
  • Load Dump Wizard now displays any errors
  • Data Transfer has improved transfer of BLOB values

A new tutorial details how to create a Valentina Report and then schedule the results to be sent by email.

Valentina Server & Valentina Engine SQL Improvements

  • New SQL Command REPORT project_name.report_name FROM data_source USING data_query [AS {PDF|JPG|HTML}]
  • CREATE EVENT command now have optional [FOR db_name] rule. This allows create server-level events
  • SHOW EVENTS FROM ”“ – you can now specify empty db_name, to see server-level events
  • SHOW EVENTS returns ALL events from each registered database and server-level
  • SHOW EVENTS now shows one more column – approximate time of the next execution

A compound_statement rule, i.e. BEGIN … END block, now can be used as Top Valentina SQL command.

Valentina C ADK Improvements

  • New API to work with Valentina SQLite Server
  • New API to work with Notifications