Valentina 6.3.2 and Printing Directly from Valentina Reports

Print Reports Directly from Valentina ReportsJump through fewer tool-centric hoops with printing reports directly from Valentina Reports in Valentina 6.3.2.The recent announcement of Valentina 6.3 (and our announcement today of a useful update for Valentina Studio to 6.3.2) included mention of new printing features included in Valentina Reports.

Now it is possible to use very simple methods to query what printers are installed on the computer running Valentina Reports using LocalPrinters ( ), and then send a report to one of the printers, along with various parameters such as paper size usingĀ  PrintToLocalPrinter ( ). We’ve provided a page on our wiki to cover how to do this.

This is just the beginning of the new features you will see coming this year in Valentina Reports. We’ve been getting a lot of feedback recently, especially from users of Xojo and also customers who recently migrated to Valentina Reports from Jasper Reports (who are mostly programming in Java).

Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo is included in the limited timeĀ  Omegabundle for Xojo 2016, a bundle of 16 of the best third party add-on tools and extensions for the Xojo cross platform development environment (representing a savings of 90%).