Paradigma Software Releases 6.3; Valentine’s Day 2016 Savings

Valentina Release 6.3Save 50% on Valentine’s Day (14-15)! Release 6.3 brings powerful new printing features to ADKs and Server, and improvements to schema editing and more.

This newly available release of Paradigma Software’s Valentina product line includes several improvements across several products.

Check the Release Notes. You can download these products immediately from the Paradigma Software website.

Valentina Reports ADK

Print reports using standard print dialogs on all supported operating systems.

  • [NEW] Method LocalPrinters()
  • [NEW] Method ServerPrinters()
  • [NEW] Method PrintToLocalPrinter()
  • [NEW] Method PrintToServerPrinter()
  • [NEW] Method SetParameterValue()

All code examples of reports have been updated to include PRINTING and PARAMETERS.

Valentina Server

  • [NEW] Print to printer attached to computer running Valentina Server

Valentina Studio / Pro / Universal

  • [NEW] Print Reports using the standard Print Dialog on each operating system: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
  • [NEW] Search of Schema Objects for each supported database (PRO / UNIVERSAL)
  • [NEW][PostgreSQL] Schema Editor can work with Domains
  • [NEW][PostgreSQL] Schema Editor can work with User Defined Types (UDT)

Valentina DB ADK

  • Improvements and optimizations in VCLIENT multi-threading