Upgrade to the Best SQLite Server for Xojo Now with Reports & Save 40%

cubeSQL to Valentina ServercubeSQL users sidegrade to Valentina Server, the three-in-one database and reports server, deployable royalty free to your clients.Valentina Server is a powerful, three-in-one Database Server and Reports Server that runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, as well as the ARM7-based Raspbian for Raspberry PI. Valentina Developer Network lets developers deploy Valentina Server to their customers royalty free as a part of their solution.

There isn’t a better deployable server for Xojo users as you get three powerful technologies in one:

  • Valentina SQLite Server, a fully standards compliant implementation of SQLite that makes it easy to upgrade your project from cubeSQL or other SQLite sources
  • Valentina DB-Server the ultra-fast, object-relational columnar database that is selected for its incredible speed and efficiency
  • Valentina Reports Server that can serve visually rich reports from many data sources, including SQLite, Valentina DB, MySQL Server, PostgreSQL Server and MS SQL Server

From now until June 19, 2016, users of cubeSQL can upgrade to Valentina Developer Network (regularly $599)  at the upgrade price of $359.99, saving 40%! You deploy unlimited units of Valentina Server to your customers at no additional cost.

How to Order and Get the 40% cubeSQL to Valentina Server Discount

  1. Go to the Paradigma Online Store for Valentina Developer Network
  2. Select the License type as RENEW, and place your Order
  3. Log into Support > Trouble Ticket from your account, select OTHER and upload your proof of ownership of cubeSQL

What are You Getting with Valentina Developer Network?

  • A redeployable server that costs less than cubeSQL but does far more
  • A redeployable server on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux  (x86 and ARM7 with Raspbian / Debian)
  • A redeployable database server that is standards compliant SQLite with more connections supported than cubeSQL
  • A redeployable database server with advance object-relational capabilities and blistering speed
  • A redeployable reports server that includes a powerful Reports Server that can generate HTML, PDF and graphics based reports,  and more!
  • (new) Print your solutions directly from a connected printer
  • (new) Send reports programmatically by email
  • 30+ native interfaces, also JSON and REST API
  • 12 months of free updates included

Where can you find out more about Valentina Server?

Log into the dedicated Valentina Server community forum and its sub forums and ask. You will find a knowledgeable community and Paradigma Software engineers available to answer your questions.

Can you dig it?

Already decided? Order Valentina Developer Network now.