Valentina 7: Report Parameters Enables User Interactive Reports

Valentina 7: Report Parameters Enables User Interactive ReportsValentina Reports 7 introduces Report Parameters which allow report developers to incorporate interactive features that in turn allow end users to customize what is displayed in a report – within the free Valentina Reports Viewer.

Valentina Reports are designed within Valentina Studio Pro, then they are used primarily either in conjunction with Valentina Reports Server (a component of Valentina Server), or bundled along with an application that incorporates Valentina Reports as a reporting solution.

During the Valentina 6.x release, Paradigma Software introduced Valentina Reports Viewer into the free version of Valentina Studio. This allows anyone to load and run a report for viewing or printing purposes. Valentina Reports 7 and Valentina Studio 7 take this a step further.

This is a not the only a new feature to extend Valentina Reports for developers, but it is a feature that extends the usefulness of Valentina Reports to many non-technical users.

Someone designing a report can incorporate Report Parameters which now allow interactivity from an end user. For example, a report displaying sales could, upon opening within Valentina Reports Viewer, display a dialog allowing the user to select Sales by Week, Sales By Month, Sales by Quarter or Sales by Year. Then the report displays, customized according to the choice of the user.

The sort of interactivity found in Report Parameters has been available to application developers for some time, but now a full application isn’t necessary for many purposes – only the presence of free Valentina Studio.

Do you have questions about the forthcoming Reports Parameters feature? Ask in the thread about it on the official Paradigma Software forum.