Valentina 7: Valentina Studio Productivity Improvements

Valentina 7: Valentina Studio Productivity ImprovementsSeveral new improvements to Valentina Studio Pro will make it more productive to more database developers and system administrators.
New usability enhancements in Valentina Studio Pro will make it faster and easier to get work done. Here are just a few of them.

Smart Keyboard Shortcuts

Not only can you create your own keyboard shortcuts, you can create your own named keyboard shortcut profiles. You aren’t limited to a single custom set.

New Keyboard Shortcuts profiles are smart and can automatically detect and warn you if you try to set up conflicting key combinations. You can also import and export Keyboard Shortcut profiles, too.

Data Editor “Jump to Parent Record” Command

You can jump to a parent record using value of the Foreign Key or ObjectPtr fields either through a menu command or by ALT-click on the pointing field.

Save and Restore Schema Cache

Valentina Studio Pro will save the schema cache when you close a database and restore it on the next opening. This behavior can be turned on or off in Preferences. This can rapidly speed up re-opening your database project.