Valentina Server 7 Released; Database & Reporting App Tools Updated

Valentina Server 7 ReleasedServer 7 with new key-value storage engine, G8 JavaScript reporting objects and updated tools for building fast data and reporting applications.

Valentina Server 7 is a server solution that combines three different enterprise ready servers into one package for providing advanced database and business analytics technology on Linux (x86 and ARM7 for Raspberry PI), Windows and MacOS X. These three servers include: Valentina Reports Server, for transforming data from many data sources into visually rich reports as web pages, graphics, PDF and more, Valentina DB Server, based on Paradigma Software’s blazingly fast object-relational database technology, and Valentina SQLite Server, which allows developers to scale up their SQLite based applications into a true, client-server or server only application solution.

Valentina Server 7 adds the following new features to this robust solution:

  • Key-Value Storage. Valentina DB Server now incorporates a key-value storage system that takes advantage of other Valentina DB Server features such as journaling, temporary tables and more.
  • Variant Fields. This flexible field type can store variable sized objects of differing types, with optional compression.
  • Scriptable Report Objects. Report objects, the visual elements of reports served, such as barcodes, charts and graphs have pre- and post- load scripts attached to them.
  • Improved Bar Codes. New bar-codes include Aztec, DataMatrix, Han Xin, QR and Micro QR formats and can also utilize outline fonts.

As a part of the Valentina 7 technology release, Valentina Server 7 works with the database continuous integration tools that are a part of Valentina Studio Pro 7, the ultimate database management and visual reports builder, also released by Paradigma Software. Valentina Server 7 also incorporates numerous performance improvements. Valentina Server is available as a standalone server solution for $299, and as a part of Valentina Developer Network, which allows developers to re-deploy unlimited copies of Valentina Server as a part of their own solutions for $599. Special versions are available at no cost for academic and educational use.

Valentina DB ADK 7 ($199) allows developers to incorporate the object-relational Valentina DB into their standalone applications. Valentina DB ADK 7 also incorporates the new database features in Server 7, including key-value storage and variant fields.

Valentina Reports ADK 7 ($199) allows developers to build report generation into their applications, and it also incorporates the new reporting features in Server 7, such as the scriptable reports objects, improved bar-codes, more flexible ‘resizing’ controls and more. It allows generation of reports from many data sources including MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Valentina DB, with reports served as web pages, images, PDF, LateX, email and more.

Both Valentina DB ADK and Valentina Reports ADK include VCLIENT, which allows high level integration with most application and web development environments and languages, including .NET, ODBC, Java, C++, C, Xojo, LiveCode, PHP, Ruby / Ruby on Rails, REST and others. The same VCLIENT system works with Valentina Server.

Valentina Reports are also powered with Google G8. V8 is Google’s open source high-performance JavaScript engine. It implements ECMAScript as specified in ECMA-262. V8 enables JavaScript scripting of Valentina Reports Objects.

Valentina Server 7, Valentina Reports ADK 7, and Valentina DB ADK 7 are all immediately available from Paradigma Software and include 12 months of updates.

About Paradigma Software, Inc

Paradigma Software launched its first product, the post-relational, columnar database technology Valentina, based on the groundbreaking work of Ruslan Zasukhin in advanced database research. Mr Zasukhin’s research was to develop a database system that bypassed the severe constraints on traditional relational database systems as they grow in size and complexity. Valentina maximizes available resources by making data based tasks extremely fast and efficient – even on industry standard Linux running on older hardware. Paradigma Software Incorporated was established in 1998 as an Oregon, USA based corporation. Paradigma Software has additional offices for development and sales in Germany and Japan.

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