Valentina 7.0.2 Updates Valentina Studio; Adds Valentina Server Example Code for Xojo, SQLite

Valentina 7.0.2Minor updates and improvements to Valentina Studio database & reports developer tool and improved code example for Xojo developers.Paradigma Software announces Valentina technology release 7.0.2. The updates in this release include:

Valentina Studio 7.0.2

  • 7884 – Changing the locale for a Valentina DB database
  • 7885 – Interactive parameters values for date or time formatted using Valentina format methodology
  • 7886 – Exporting to CSV

Valentina Example Code for Xojo, SQLite Server

  • [Imp] Example for Valentina SQLite Server: Examples/RBDB_way/SqliteExampleModified updated to be consistent with the current example of Xojo.  Also update Valentina WIKI tutorial

Valentina Release 7.0.2 is immediately available for download from the Paradigma Software website. Related discussion on the Paradigma Software forum.