Valentina 7.0.3 Improves Valentina Studio, Valentina Kernel

Valentina Release 7.0.3Update adds minor features to Studio, improvements to Valentina Kernel and ADKs.

This update includes several fixes and improvements related to features introduced in Valentina 7.x technology releases. If you are using Valentina 7.x, you should immediately upgrade to this version.

Valentina Studio 7.0.3 / Valentina Studio Pro 7.0.3

  • [New][SQL Editor] Export to Clipboard. Use clipboard to move result records into other applications (such as Excel) by copy-paste
  • [Imp][SQL Editor] Added templates for the new Valentina DB KeyValue commands
  • [Fix] 7875 – Set locale to format money or date values
  • [Fix] 7892 – Display ENUM type

Valentina Kernel

Improvements in the Valentina kernel are rolled into all Valentina products with this update including Valentina Server and Valentina ADKs.

  • [Fix] 7878 – CREATE KEYVALUE command now has IF NOT EXISTS option
  • [Fix] 7893 – Improved documentation for SQL functions FLOOR, CEIL, TRUNC, ROUND, and others


  • Added missing headers in Valentina C++ADK.

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