Valentina Studio 7.1 Released with Javascript Automation, Code Generation, Excel Export and More

Valentina 7.1 ReleasedMajor update of free Valentina Studio and Valentina Studio Pro for Linux, MacOS and Windows.Paradigma Software announces a major update to its flagship database management and reporting software line Valentina Studio.

Valentina Studio Pro New Features & Improvements

Valentina Studio Pro 7.1 introduces the integration of JavaScript for automation of the user interface as well as database objects. It also introduces code generation with initial support for Xojo (other languages coming).

  • [NEW][JavaScript] – Integration of QT JavaScript engine into Valentina Studio
    • JavaScript objects integrated to QT GUI objects (Windows, Menus, Dialogs, etc)
    • JavaScript objects integrated to DB objects of Valentina Studio
    • HELP for JS objects integrated directly into Valentina Studio Pro
  • [NEW] [Script Editor] adds auto-completion and syntax coloring
  • [NEW][Data Editor] – Update ALL/FILTERED/SHOWN values of a field for multiple records.
  • [NEW][SQL Editor] – Format text of SQL queries
  • First examples of Code Generation for Xojo

Valentina Studio New Features & Improvements

All of the features listed for the free Valentina Studio 7.1 are also present in Valentina Studio Pro 7.1.

  • [NEW][VDB][Data Editor] – Edit data of KeyValue objects from Valentina DB KeyValue data stores
  • [NEW][SQL Editor] – Export SQL result to Excel XLSX format, including images
  • [NEW] Dump database to Excel XLSX format, including images
  • [Imp][Mac] QT framework updated to 5.7.1 to address framework based issues

Documentation + WIKI

  • [NEW] Valentina Studio Examples : JS Scripts
  • [NEW] Data Editor – Variant Field page.

Valentina Studio is a free product from Paradigma Software and available on Windows, Linux and MacOS. Valentina Studio Pro is the commercial version of the product range and adds additional features such as Report Design, SQL DIFF, Database Modeling and more.