Valentina 7.1.3 Released With Cumulative Improvements

Valentina 7.1.3Improvements across all Paradigma Software products, including a feature improvement to Valentina Reports.Valentina 7.1.1, 7.1.2 and 7.1.3 are successive fix updates released in mid May.

Valentina Database Improvements

  • [Fix] False warning on sorting by RecID/OID fields (7.1.1)
  • [Fix] Issue with Temp Tables (7.1.2)

Valentina Studio Pro Improvements

  • [New] Project Tree – filter added to easy find project items(7.1.1)
  • [Imp] UI of “Show On Disk” in few places (7.1.1)

Valentina for Xojo Improvements

  • [Fix] Crash on connection to Valentina Server from V4RB on Linux(7.1.1)
  • [Fix] Example about VEnum field type.(7.1.1)

Valentina Reports Improvements

  • [New] Sub reports now have the property ‘independent’, which cause its printing from a new page using its ORIGINAL format. Thanks to this you can get in PDF, for example, the first page as US Letter portrait, and the next page(s) as US Letter landscape (or any other format you want) (7.1.2)

7.1.3 also modified some of the updates in 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 especially with Windows versions.

Download from the Paradigma Software download site, or discuss on the Paradigma Software forums.