Valentina Release 7.2 Adds New Usability Improvements to Valentina Studio

Paradigma Software’s Valentina Release 7.2 adds a major, highly productive feature to Valentina Studio Pro and fix for working with MS SQL Server on Linux.This release adds a feature found in very few other database administration products to Valentina Studio Pro.

Valentina Studio Pro 7.2

Any feature or fix listed under Valentina Studio is also available in Valentina Studio Pro.

  • [New][Schema Editor] Drag & drop creation, copy, and database open options
    • Drag of a Table or any other DB object into another DB
    • Drag of a Field or any other Table object into another Table
    • Drag to open database files from operating system File Explorer into Schema Editor

This new Pro feature will also open dialog boxes as appropriate to the creation of new objects. Please read the documentation to better understand this feature.

Valentina Studio 7.2

  • [New][Schema Editor] Drag & drop feature can be used once per application launch
  • [Fix] 7967 – Creating  a new database on SQL Server running on Linux

The products are immediately available for download from the Paradigma Software website. See the discussion on the official forums for more information.