Valentina Release 7.3.1 Now Available; Printing Improvements, Fixes

Valentina 7.3.1 UpdateParadigma Software announces technology release 7.3.1 that provides feature improvements and fixes across multiple products.

Valentina Studio Pro

  • [New][Report Editor] – Log the printer name and options passed to the PrintTo… Printer method. This can help you write your ADK code.
  • [New][SQL Editor][MySQL] – MySQL users now also can do Update records of SQL Editor Result, as can PostgreSQL users from 7.3 version. See above.
  • [Fix][Query Editor] 7986 – Fix missing controls position in some cases.
  • [Fix][MySQL] 7994 – ‘Format SQL’ should not add SPACE between func name and ‘(‘ symbol for MySQL.

Valentina Studio

  • [New] 8005 – Shows a new property ‘Host OS‘ of Valentina Server 7.3.1 in the Property Inspector.
  • [Fix] 8003 – Increase the default TEXT limit for MS SQL prefs from 4Kb to 64Kb, to avoid easy crop of Stored Procedures when they are displayed.
  • [Fix][MySQL] 7987 – Lost connection with MySQL server error for bigger queries.

Valentina Reports

  • [New] – Added ‘PaperLength’ and ‘PaperWidth’ printing options to set the custom size of the paper. Important for Windows OS deployment.
  • ValentinaDB API

    • [New] 8001I_Field::get_OriginalFieldID(), I_Field::get_OriginalTableID(). Intended for fields of a cursor. Allows to find original table and field if this is possible. We use this in Valentina Studio to implement UPDATE of SQL Editor Result records. (currently supported only in C++ ADKs).
    • [New] 7991I_SqliteCursor::get_ColumnOriginName() method. We use this in Valentina Studio. (currently supported only in C++ ADKs)
    • [New] 8004 – Valentina Server properties: OS {“Windows”, “MacOS”, “UNIX”} and OSType {“32”, “64”}.

More information is available on the Paradigma Software forum. The product updates are immediately available for download.