Valentina 7.3.2 Improves MySQL support; New Methods for Valentina DB, SQLite

Valentina Release 7.3.2Paradigma Software technology release 7.3.2 provides numerous fixes, improvements to Valentina Studio, Valentina ADKs and compatibility with MySQL and SQLite.

Valentina Studio Pro

  • [Fix] 7986 – Save Query Editor Position
  • [Fix] 8012 – Mark the query as modified if layout is changed in the Query Editor
  • [Fix][Script Editor][Win] – relative paths for import command

Valentina Studio

Fixes in Valentina Studio also available on Valentina Studio Pro

  • [Fix][MySQL] 7976 – Fix warning on execution of the MySQL query with tunes information ON
  • [Fix][MySQL] 7983 – Add preferences “Data Grid”. Can’t change query results pane font
  • [Fix][MySQL] 8002 – Can’t edit the MS SQL stored procedure text

Valentina DB

These methods added into VSDK, VCSDK, Valentina DB ADK for Xojo, Valentina DB ADK for .net, Valentina DB ADK for Java.

  • [New][Method] VDatabase.TableByID(id) as VTable
  • [New][Method] VField.OriginalTableID() as Int32
  • [New][Method] VField.OriginalFieldID() as Int32

Valentina SQLite

  • [New][Method] VSqliteCursor.ColumnOriginalName() as String

More information is available on the Paradigma Software forum. The product updates are immediately available for download.