Valentina Release 7.3.4 adds SQL Editing, MS SQL Server and Report Improvements

Valentina 7.3.4 UpdateParadigma Software technology release 7.3.4 includes more execution performance monitoring, SQL Editing, MS SQL Server and Reporting improvements.

Valentina Studio PRO 7.3.4

  • [New][SQL Editor][All DB] Ability to format only *SELECTED* text in SQL editor
  • [New][SQL Editor][ValentinaDB] – Valentina DB users can UPDATE records in the Result of SQL Editor directly

Valentina Studio 7.3.4

    • [New][SQL Editor][VDB] – Added Templates of SQL Command: MERGE.
    • [Imp][SQL Editor] – Added side panel tabs tooltips
    • [Fix][MSSQL] 7963 – Error handling when connection is broken
    • [Fix][MSSQL] – Fixed saerch of LOCAL SQL Server instances
    • [Fix][ValentinaDB] 8022 – It is not possible to edit the table in the data editor, if the table contains ENUM fields with localized values
    • [Fix] 8026 – Fix CRLF line delimiter processing in the Import Wizard
    • [Fix] 8027 – Ability to set empty text qualifier for CSV import
    • [Fix] 8032 – Show completion progress in the Import Wizard based on the amount of data read from the file (all dbs except VDB)

Valentina Reports 7.3.4

      • [New] – Add ‘print_on_footer_pages’ property for page footer/header
      • [New] – Allow to remove page footer/header from page with a report footer and data regions

Valentina DB 7.3.4

      • [New][Api] isMonitored property of VDatabase class added into V4RB, VNET, VJDK, VCSDK, VSDK. This is API analog of property added in v7.3.3
      • [New] ‘fld_Sum_Time’ field added into the table of system statistic
      • [Fix] 8025 – Fix VDB diagnose of table with the VARIANT field

More information is available on the Paradigma Software forum. The product updates are immediately available for download. Read the release notes.