Valentina Release 7.4 Improves Imports, Valentina Server for ISPs

Valentina 7.4.0 ReleasedHot summer eclipse weekend is now complete with Valentina Studio import and connectivity improvements & new PRO feature, license management for ISPs for Valentina Server and more.

Valentina Studio Pro

  • [NEW] Connection, Database, Table – can be now assigned a COLOR (more info…)

Valentina Studio

  • [IMP] Import Wizard adds ability to stop the import process
  • [IMP] Import Wizard adds display of time for import
  • [FIX] 7928 – Improve connection procedure for Azure service (0007928), formatting
  • [FIX] 8011 – SQL Server stored procedure definition should not include empty parentheses)
  • [FIX] 8021 – Fix connection to MySQL with an SSL Encrypted Connection
  • [FIX] 8036 – dump not working when connected via ssh tunnel
  • [FIX] 8038 – Use prepared statements for loading data from the CSV file
  • [FIX] 8043 – Field Position column sort order not correct
  • [FIX] “Unknown system variable ‘version_comment’” for version < 5.0.22
  • [FIX] “SHOW TRIGGERS…” for MySQL version 5.0.10

Valentina Server

  • [FIX] 7978 – LICENSECATALOG property in the INI file, allows you to specify the valentina license catalog to be anyplace on a HDD for ISP hosting
  • [FIX] 8014 – Inconsistency in database name parameter using Register/Unregister Database

Valentina DB

  • [FIX] 8039 – Now works Row Constructor Comparisons. For example: WHERE (f1, f2) = (3, 4)
  • [IMP] Indexing of String<3> field in our new bench, improved from 150 secs to 5 seconds for 100M records Table and 1 such field
  • [IMP] Import from CVS file into Table, Bench of import 500Mb files improved from 7 min 40 sec to 4 min 30 sec,
  • [FIX] 8050 – sql OUTER JOIN issue on BinaryLink

All product updates are now available for download from the Paradigma Software download site. Comment on the original announcement.