Valentina 7.5 Adds Usability Features to Studio, Improved REST & JSON for Valentina DB

Valentina Release 7.5Minor feature additions to Studio and Studio Pro, plus improvements for Valentina Server, KeyValue databases and more.

Valentina Studio Pro

  • [New][Start Page] – “Recent Databases” and “Recent Projects” now show items sorted by date | most recent | alphabetical.
  • [Fix]Table Alias auto-completion displays RecID and OID fields

Valentina Studio

  • [New][Data Editor] – (X) Option to remove filter rows; OPTION+CLICK (ALT on Win/Linux) removes all filters
  • [Imp] [Diagrams] “Save Changes…” changed to “Apply Changes…”
  • [Imp] [Admin] Create Database dialog for Valentina Server allows database mode (1-4 files)
  • [Fix][Data Editor] – “CMD + E” works while you in edit mode of a filter cell.

Valentina Server

Valentina Server 7.5 on macOS introduces changes which are important to undertand before you upgrade. Read the complete technical article.

  • [Imp][REST] – Examples in Python improved to use Python lists. Transformation to XML/JSON happens inside of helper script now.
  • [Fix] 8068 – Create KeyValue when vdb is under VSERVER

Valentina DB

  • [New] – “LINK RECORD(LAST) OF T1 WITH RECORD(LAST) OF T2”, you can use now LAST keyword to specify the last_recid_of_table(“T”)
  • [Imp] – SELECT … FOR XML, FOR JSON and REST now supports VARIANT field type
  • [Imp] – SHOW VIDENTS now returns names of KeyValue objects
  • [Imp] – TRUNCATE TABLE now works for a Table with Links if all Links are empty
  • [Imp] – Exceptions about date/time now shows the current DateTime format and separators, so a developer can easily understand what to change

All product updates are now available for download from the Paradigma Software download site. Comment on the original announcement.