Valentina 7.5.2 Improves SQLite Management, UTF-16 and VDB Search

Valentina Release 7.5.2 Improvements to Valentina Studio, Valentina C++ ADK and all Valentina Database ADKs. Also details on 7.5.1 hot fix.

Valentina Studio / Pro

  • [Fix][SQLite] – Parser fixed – underscore is allowed at any place of non-quoted identifier

Valentina C++ ADK

  • [Fix] – Examples fixed to take into account the fact UTF16 string, used as KEY

Valentina DB

  • [Imp] – LIKE/ILIKE now use IndexByWords even for CONTAINS search of kind ‘%str%’ if between %% present only one word, i.e. no word-delimiters.
    This makes search 250 times faster in our bench. For example, 1GB TEXT field with 50K records do search 0.016 miliSec instead of 5 sec.

All product updates are now available for download from the Paradigma Software download site. Comment on the original announcement.

Valentina Release 7.5.1. Hotfix

Note also that there was a previously released hot fix, 7.5.1, that was not widely announced.

Valentina Studio

  • [New][Data Editor] – Column has the auto-size contextual menu, and button Auto-Resize similar to SQL Editor
  • [Fix][VReport][Windows] – ‘papersource’ parameter in print dialog was broken

Valentina Reports

  • [New] – Methods PrintToLocalPrinter/PrintToServerPrinter has string to be sent to printer. Now, this string can have ‘papersource’ parameter.

Valentina DB

  • [Imp] – A lots faster! x4-x50 times faster Building of IndexByWords for Text/VarChar. Benches show the speed up x4 – x40 times. 2GB TEXT data are indexed in about 100 seconds on MacBook 2016

Details on the hotfix….