Valentina 7.5.4 Improves Valentina Studio, Valentina DB and C Integration

Valentina Release 7.5.4 Now AvailableAlso improves working with PostgreSQL and SQLite databases, available on macOS, Linux and Windows.

Valentina Studio / Pro

  • [New] 8114 – “File…” menu now has a new item “Open File…” to open .sql files directly in SQL Editor
  • [Imp] 8105[Data Editor] – Ability to set NULL value for multiple records
  • [Fix] 8063 – “Links” in “Generate SQL → Create” for table (ActionGenerateSQLCreateHandler)
  • [Fix] 8093[Query Log] – Sort by time
  • [Fix] 8113[Query Editor] – Problem when Query Editor is opened for closed database
  • [Fix] 8115[PostgreSQL] – Refreshing the PostgreSQL schema or database objects changing the text of all views to the default (SELECT 1)
  • [Fix] 8117[DataEditor][SQLite] – Work with big integer values in DataEditor and SQLite table
  • [Fix] 8126[PostgreSQL] – Fix reindex action of PostgreSQL table
  • [Fix][PostgreSQL] – Error on getting PostgreSQL 10 sequence properties.

Valentina DB (advanced, object-relational NoSQL database)

  • [Imp][SQL] – MERGE command now works with VIEW

Valentina C ADK

  • [Fix] 8108 – Added VServer_Free()

All product updates are now available for download from the Paradigma Software download site. Comment on the original announcement