Valentina Release 7.5.7 includes improvements, 64 bit support for LiveCode ADK and Xojo Update

Valentina 7.5.7 Released; LiveCode 64 Bit Support AddedParadigma Software announces Valentina Release 7.5.7, which includes fixes and improvements across all products as well as the first support for 64  bit LiveCode.

Valentina Studio

  • [Imp][VDB] Schema Editor now show the size of index
  • [Fix 8111] Error on getting PostgreSQL 10 sequence properties.
  • [Fix 8149] Text Editor does not escape single quotation marks for MS SQL

Some modest user interface improvements are otherwise not documented but fix some persistent grammatical errors.

Valentina Reports

[Fix 8141] VReport::PreviewPage generates an image of incorrect size if preview zoom is applied

Valentina for Xojo

  • [Fix][Win] installer now includes v8_x64.dll for vcomponents_x64

Valentina for LiveCode

  • [Mac] Now includes the 64-bit version of externals. Each external includes 32 and 64-bit code in the same bundle
  • [Mac] V4REV installer still go as a 32-bit archive but contains that 64-bit versions.
  • [Mac] V4REV installer now also installs vcomponents_x64
  • [Mac] dbvalentina.bundle now go without a version number
  • [Mac] installer now includes dbvsqlite.bundle – allowing client interaction with Valentina SQLite Server

TODO: deployment scripts should be updated yet for 64 bit apps to copy vcomponents_x64. We anticipate some additional fixes after 64 bit support is more documented by LiveCode.

All product updates are available for immediate download from the Paradigma Software download site.

See the original announcement on the Valentina Forum.