Valentina Release 11.4.7 supports PostgreSQL 14, Improves Python development

Valentina Release 11.4.7 supports PostgreSQL 14, Improves Python development

Release also includes optimization of ValentinaDB, the high performance, object-relational database

Valentina Studio FREE | Single | PRO

Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentina Studio Pro combines database management with diagramming, forms creation, reporting and database continuous integration. Available on Windows, Linux and macOS.

  • [Imp][PostgreSQL] Updated PostgreSQL client library and dump utilities to version 14.
  • [Fix][Report Editor] Fixed updating the report preview, in some cases, it didn’t work as expected.
  • [Fix][Report Editor] Fixed applying the best size for the multiline label.
  • [Fix][Data Editor][PostgreSQL] Fixed editing values of Timestamp With Timezone columns.


Valentina DB is Paradigma Software advanced, object relational database and available in Valentina DB Server (a part of Valentina Server) and ValentinaDB ADKs (developer components for adding runtime database support to applications).

  • [Opt] improved Stmt.Select() for queries over 1 table and 1 unique field. Speed up x10 times.
  • [Opt] overall speed up of engine

Valentina for Python

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Python is supported by Paradigma Software ADKs and Valentina Server.

  • [Imp] Removed explicit linking to Python 3.7 dynamic library, any compatible version can be used now.

All product updates are available for immediate download from the Paradigma Software download site. See the original announcement on the forum.