Valentina Release 10.2

Valentina Release 10.2 improves performance, SQL Editor, SQLite Server

Release provides a x 4 speed on several operations, new SQL editor features, better SQL dump and dump loading and more.

Valentina Studio / Valentina Studio Pro

Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentina Studio Pro combines database management with diagramming, forms creation, reporting and database continuous integration. Available on Windows, Linux and macOS.

  • [Imp] Improved async loading of information from remote database servers
  • [Imp] improved tooltips for buttons of the main Toolbar
  • [Imp][Schema Edior] work of Refresh command
  • [Fix][DataEditor] show tooltip for a TEXT Field with a HTML content

New & Updated SQL Editor

  • Snippets now have RUN button on the left, so you can click to copy snippet into SQL Editor and execute it immediately.
  • ENTER button now copies snippet into SQL Editor.
  • CMD/CTRL + ENTER shortcut copies snippet into SQL Editor and Execute it.

SQL Dump

  • [Imp][MSSQL] Supported dumping all SQL Server objects visible in the Schema Editor (previously only tables were dumped)
  • [Imp][All] Added options to limit the size of data and/or the number of records in a multi-row INSERT command
  • [Imp][All] Added an option to send multiple dump statements at once which speeds up performance for remote connections.
  • [Imp][All] Show start and end time of the dump loading process.
  • [Imp][ValentinaDB] Supported loading of SQL With External Data Valentina Database dump files.
  • [Imp][SQLite] SQLite dump speed up x4 times with a new Valentina SQLite API command (PrepareAndExecuteAllCommandsEx). Local and with Valentina SQLite Server.

Server Administration

  • [Imp] Removed requirement to create adminpack extension to view log files on the PostgreSQL server.
  • [Imp] Display a warning if log files creation is disabled on PostgreSQL server with info on how to enable it.
  • [Imp] Improved columns layout of CSV-based logs
  • [Imp] More tooltips

Valentina SQLite Server

Valentina Server incorporates Valentina Reports Server, Valentina Forms Server and two database servers: Valentina DB Server and Valentina SQLite Server. Available for Windows, Linux, macOS and Raspberry PI.

  • [Imp] SQLite dump speed up x4 times with a new Valentina SQLite API command (PrepareAndExecuteAllCommandsEx)

Download the update now from the Downloads section of the Paradigma Software website. See the original announcement on the official forums.